WIDE STREET Wide Street House Saison 44Cl 4.8%


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Introducing the Wide Street House Saison, an epitome of masterful brewing from the esteemed Wide Street Brewery. This beer has undergone two months of fermentation at high temperatures, employing a traditional Belgian saccharomyces var. diastaticus yeast strain, culminating in a beverage of exceptional character. The favourite hop Saaz is generously used, imparting a medium bitterness complemented by hints of banana and a light spice and pepper. Embarking on the tasting journey of the Wide Street House Saison reveals a harmony of intricate flavours, making it a beer that’s set to stay in your heart. Don’t let the chance slip by to relish this compelling brew; purchase online or in-store now.

Beer Type: Saison

ABV: 5.5%

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The Wide Street House Saison stands as a triumph in the world of craft beer, showcasing the excellence and passion infused in every brew by the Wide Street Brewery. Unveiling the beauty of high-temperature fermentation, this beer showcases the rich complexity and diversity of flavours achieved through masterful brewing techniques.

Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Exuding a radiant and inviting allure, characterised by a delicate, golden haze.
  • Aroma: Immerse in an enveloping aroma of fresh banana, subtly interwoven with a hint of spicy and peppery notes.
  • Flavour: Savour the delightful interplay of medium bitterness, harmonised with gentle touches of banana, spice, and pepper, creating a multifaceted taste experience.
  • Mouthfeel: Relish the smooth and refreshing texture, offering an exquisitely balanced and enjoyable sipping adventure.

This beer brings forth a phenomenal tasting experience, crafted through two months of meticulous fermentation with a classic Belgian yeast strain. The choice of Saaz hops contributes a cherished bitterness, seamlessly intertwined with nuances of banana, spice, and pepper, offering a perfect balance and an unparalleled drinking experience.

Beyond the delightful tasting notes, the Wide Street House Saison is a celebration of the brewery's commitment to creating beers that resonate with depth, character, and exceptional quality. The careful selection of yeast and hops, combined with a devoted brewing process, yields a beer that stands as a testament to Wide Street Brewery's dedication to excellence in brewing.

Each sip of the Wide Street House Saison invites you to explore the vibrant world of crafted flavours, making every moment a joyful exploration of the diverse spectrum of tastes encapsulated in this exceptional beer. It's not just a beverage; it's an experience of indulging in the art of expert brewing, a journey into the realm of sophisticated flavours and rich aromatic profiles.

In conclusion, the Wide Street House Saison is more than a beer. It's an exploration, a journey, and a celebration of the exceptional brewing traditions upheld by the Wide Street Brewery. Let your tasting adventure begin with this exquisite Saison, immersing you in a world of robust flavours and aromatic delights. Why wait to embark on this extraordinary tasting adventure? Purchase online or in-store now and be captivated by the exceptional character of the Wide Street House Saison.


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