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What are Belgian & Trappist Beers?

es known for their authentic Belgian brewing traditions

Discover Belgian Style Beer and Trappist Beer at | Craft Beer Ireland

Explore the rich tradition and diverse range of Belgian-style beers on, Ireland’s prime destination for authentic Belgian and Trappist beers delivered directly to your door. From the refreshing notes of a Belgian Blond Ale to the deep complexities of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale, our selection showcases the best of Belgian Beer.

What Defines Belgian Style Beer?

Belgian-style beers, including everything from Saisons to Witbier and Biere de Garde, are renowned for their distinctive flavours which are often fruity, spicy, and complex. Our collection features beloved styles such as Belgian Tripel, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Dubbel, and the lighter Belgian Single, each offering a unique tasting experience that highlights the craft of Belgian brewing.

Experience the Authenticity of Trappist Beer

Trappist Beer, crafted within the serene confines of Trappist monasteries, is more than just a drink; it’s a testament to the monastic life of devotion and brewing excellence. These beers, including the revered Belgian Quad Beer and Abbey Beer, are produced under the strict guidelines of the International Trappist Association, ensuring authentic heritage and quality. Notable offerings include rich, malty Belgian Beer Trappist and complex Belgian Beer Abbey varieties.

Belgian Beer vs Trappist Beer: Exploring the Difference

While every Trappist Beer is inherently Belgian, not all Belgian beers share the holy origins of Trappist brews. Trappist Beers are specifically brewed by monks within the monastic walls and are noted for their robust character and contemplative complexity, often featuring notes of dark fruits and spices. In contrast, Belgian-style beers can range broadly in flavour and style, crafted by secular breweries throughout Belgium and beyond.

Experience Trappist Excellence in Ireland Delve into the sacred brewing practices with our collection of Trappist beers available in Ireland. Each sip resonates with the dedication and spiritual heritage that Trappist monks bring to the brewing process, making these beers not just a drink, but a part of a rich cultural legacy. Whether it's the robust flavours of a Belgian Quad Beer or the delicate balance of an Abbey Beer, discover why Trappist Beer Ireland is revered by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Craft Beer Delivered: Experience Belgian Beer Online

At, you can explore Belgian Beer Monks' creations alongside a wide array of Belgian-style beers. Enjoy the convenience of having these rich, flavourful beers delivered to your doorstep in Ireland. Whether you are a fan of the delicate Belgian Pale Ale or the robust Belgian Dark Strong Ale, we bring the best of Belgian brewing directly to you.

Choose for your journey into the world of Belgian and Trappist beers. Each beer selected offers an insight into the rich tapestry of Belgian brewing history and monastic tradition. Order now to taste the legacy of Belgian Beer and the authenticity of Trappist brewing with Craft Beer Delivered across Ireland.


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