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Non Alcoholic/Alcohol Free Beer & Cider

Discover Alcohol-Free and Low Alcohol Craft Beers on

Welcome to the dedicated section for alcohol-free and low alcohol craft beers at, where we celebrate the rich diversity of non-alcoholic brews that cater to every palate without the alcohol content. Our curated selection combines traditional brewing artistry with innovative brewing techniques, offering a range of flavours that aligns with everyone’s taste, from seasoned aficionados to those new to craft beers.

Understanding Alcohol-Free and Low Alcohol Beers in Ireland

In Ireland, the terms 'alcohol-free' and 'non-alcoholic' are regulated under specific guidelines. Beers labeled as 'non-alcoholic' can contain up to 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is considered negligible and allows them to be consumed by those who avoid alcohol for health or personal reasons. 'Low alcohol' beers are those that contain alcohol but no more than 1.2% ABV, providing a middle ground for those who wish to moderate their alcohol intake without fully abstaining.

Our Alcohol-Free and Low Alcohol Beer Selection

Explore our range of options, including:

  • Non-Alcoholic Beer: These beers offer the full craft beer experience without the alcohol. Enjoy everything from stouts to IPAs, all crafted to deliver the authentic flavours you expect from premium craft beers.
  • Low Alcohol Beers: Perfect for those who want a little alcohol but with much lower content than traditional beers, our low alcohol options provide a satisfying beer taste with minimal alcohol.
  • Guinness Non Alcoholic Beer: Experience the classic flavour of Guinness in a non-alcoholic format. This brew provides the rich, creamy taste synonymous with Ireland's most famous stout, now available without alcohol.
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer Gift Sets: Looking for the perfect gift for a craft beer lover? Our non-alcoholic beer gift sets are ideal for any occasion, allowing the recipient to explore a variety of flavours and styles.

Craft Beer Delivered: Accessible Alcohol-Free Options makes it easy to access the best of alcohol-free and low alcohol beers with reliable delivery services across Ireland. Whether you’re in Dublin or anywhere else in the country, you can enjoy a wide selection of non-alcoholic and low alcohol craft beers delivered directly to your door.

Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcohol Beers Ireland

We are committed to supporting local breweries and international brands that excel in producing specialty alcohol-free and low alcohol beers. Each beer in our selection is carefully chosen to meet the taste standards expected by beer enthusiasts and adheres to the alcohol content restrictions mandated by Irish law.

Whether you are exploring alcohol-free beer options for health reasons, lifestyle choices, or just curious to try something new, is your trusted source for the best non-alcoholic and low alcohol craft beers Ireland has to offer. Join us in celebrating the innovative and inclusive world of craft beer, where there’s truly a beer for everyone.


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