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American Whiskey

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About American Whiskey

Discover American Whiskey at, Carry Out Tyrrelstown in Dublin 15

Welcome to the dedicated American Whiskey section at, your premier destination for exploring the rich and diverse world of American whiskey. From the deep flavours of Kentucky bourbons to the bold profiles of Tennessee whiskeys, our selection covers a broad spectrum of America's finest spirits. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or to expand your personal collection, our range of American whiskeys is available for delivery across Ireland or for collection in Dublin 15.

Understanding American Whiskey

American whiskey is celebrated for its varied styles and complex production methods. Here’s what makes American whiskey distinct:

  • Bourbon Whiskey: Characterized by its rich, sweet flavour, bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels. Kentucky is renowned for its bourbon, due to the unique natural filter of limestone water which imparts a distinct flavour.
  • Rye Whiskey: Made from at least 51% rye, this whiskey is spicier and more robust than bourbon.
  • Tennessee Whiskey: Similar to bourbon but must be made in Tennessee and filtered through charcoal before aging, known as the Lincoln County Process.
  • Rye Malt Whiskey: Crafted from at least 51% malted rye, offering a smoother, maltier version of traditional rye whiskey.
  • Wheat Whiskey: Made primarily from wheat, this whiskey is softer and milder than those made from corn or rye.
  • Corn Whiskey: Must contain at least 80% corn in its mash, typically unaged and offering a raw, intense corn flavour.
  • Malt Whiskey: Made mostly from malted barley, not commonly associated with American whiskey but growing in production.
  • Sour Mash: A process used in many types of American whiskey to maintain consistency and control over acidity levels during fermentation.

American Whiskey vs. Other Whiskeys

  • Irish Whiskey vs. American Whiskey: Irish whiskey is generally triple distilled for a smoother taste, while American whiskey varies widely in flavour based on its specific type and production process.
  • Scotch vs. American Whiskey: Scotch, especially single malt, is made from malted barley and typically has a smoky flavour from peat. American whiskey can be made from a variety of grains and usually features a sweeter profile due to the high corn content, particularly in bourbon.

Featured American Whiskey Brands

Our whiskey shop features iconic brands such as:

  • Buffalo Trace
  • Jim Beam
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Bulleit
  • Eagle Rare

Each brand offers a distinct taste and heritage, perfect for those looking to explore the variety within American whiskey or to find an exceptional whiskey for gifting.

Why Choose for American Whiskey?

At, we provide detailed product descriptions and tasting notes, ensuring you choose the whiskey that best suits your palate. Whether it’s the robust flavour of a rye whiskey or the smooth, subtle nuances of a wheat whiskey, we deliver the best right to your door or ready for pick up in Dublin 15.

Explore our collection of American whiskey online at and discover why American whiskey holds a revered place among spirits enthusiasts around the world. Whether you prefer bourbon, rye, or Tennessee whiskey, find your perfect match with us. Cheers to the spirited taste of America!


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