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Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Japanese Whisky is an exceptional blend that pays homage to the legacy of Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky. This pure malt whisky, with an ABV of 45%, is a testament to the art of Japanese whisky-making.

Crafted with a blend of malt whiskies from Nikka's Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries, this whisky showcases a perfect balance of richness and smoothness. The appearance is a captivating golden amber, inviting the connoisseur to delve deeper. On the nose, it offers a symphony of fruity and floral aromas, with a hint of oak and spice. The palate is greeted with a complex array of flavours, including ripe fruit, nuts, and a subtle smokiness, leading to a satisfyingly long finish.

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt is versatile in its enjoyment – perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as a refined component in a sophisticated cocktail. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this exquisite whisky; purchase online or in-store now.

Whisky Type: Pure Malt

ABV: 45%

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Within the illustrious world of whisky, few names resonate with the legacy and tradition as Nikka does. And when one speaks of Nikka, the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to perfection.

Appearance: Behold its alluring amber glow, a visual prelude to the symphony that awaits your senses.

Aroma: As you bring the glass closer, the bouquet unfolds—a captivating medley of malted whispers, hinting at the various distilleries that have lent their essence to this blend.

Flavour: On the palate, the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt dances gracefully. There's an undeniable soft elegance, seamlessly juxtaposed with profound complexity. As the notes play on, a rich smokiness emerges, adding depth to this intricate composition.

Mouthfeel: Velvety and indulgent. Each sip lingers, ensuring that the ensemble of flavours resonates, inviting yet another taste.

This blended malt is an ode to Masataka Taketsuru, the visionary behind Nikka. A "pure malt", as opposed to a "single malt", it celebrates the art of blending, drawing from the best malt whiskies of diverse distilleries. Whether you savour it NEAT, cherish its character on the rocks, or let it shine in a cocktail, the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt promises a journey through the annals of Japanese whisky-making.

Diving deeper, the Nikka Whisky Distilling Company emerges as a beacon in the history of Japanese whisky. Rooted in the early 20th century and founded by Masataka Taketsuru in 1934, Nikka embodies a tale of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the art of whisky-making—a craft that Masataka perfected in Scotland.

From the robust, peaty character of Yoichi to the fruity elegance of Miyagikyo, Nikka's portfolio is a melange of regional nuances. Their range, which includes single malts, blends, and grain whiskies, showcases the breadth and depth of their expertise. Not to forget the artistry of their blended whiskies, with "Nikka From The Barrel" being a prime example.

Nikka's magic lies in their unique distillation process—a harmonious blend of Scottish traditions and Japanese meticulousness. Every step, from the choice of pot stills to the selection of maturation barrels and even the climatic nuances of their distilleries in Yoichi (Hokkaido) and Miyagikyo (Honshu), crafts Nikka's unparalleled flavour profiles.

Over the years, global accolades have celebrated Nikka's commitment to quality and innovation, solidifying their reputation as stalwarts in the whisky industry. But beyond these awards lies their true achievement—the love, trust, and loyalty of whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

Nikka Whisky Distilling Company is more than just a producer—it's an institution, an epitome of whisky excellence that bridges the best of Scotland and Japan. Founded by the visionary Masataka Taketsuru, Nikka's journey began with a dream in the Scottish highlands and has since become a global phenomenon. Their vast array of whiskies, from single malts to intricate blends, are a testament to their dedication, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Nikka isn't just about the drinks; it's about the stories, the traditions, and the meticulous attention to detail that translates into every bottle. From connoisseurs to casual drinkers, Nikka offers something for everyone, making them an indomitable force in the world of whiskies.

For the whisky aficionados, the casual drinkers seeking exploration, or those just stepping into this rich world, Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt is a gateway to an immersive experience. Purchase online or in-store now and be part of this timeless legacy.


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