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About Blacks Brewery & Distillery

Nestled in the heart of Kinsale, along the beautiful landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way in Co. Cork, Ireland, sits the Blacks Brewery & Distillery. This pioneering venture holds the prestigious title of being Ireland’s first co-located brewery and distillery. Established by the passionate husband and wife team, Sam & Maudeline Black, the humble beginnings of Blacks date back to 2013 when a simple home brewing kit kindled an undying love for craft brews.

Throughout the years, Blacks has evolved from being a simple hobbyist's venture into a highly sophisticated operation, making its mark in the realm of craft brewing and distilling. The founders’ unending thirst for experimentation, quality, and novelty spurred them to venture into spirits creation in 2015. Their expanded portfolio included top-notch boutique spirits including gin, rum, and eventually whiskey. This diversification established Blacks as a craft beverage tour de force.

A significant milestone in Blacks' journey was their production of Ireland's first-ever rum in 2018. This audacious innovation not only showcased the team's versatility and creativity but also affirmed Blacks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of Irish craft spirits. From distillation to maturation, the entire process of spirit creation at Blacks proudly represents the essence of authentic Irish craftsmanship.

Their dedication to innovation is evident in their approach to beer creation. The brewery not only boasts a seven-strong core range of beers but also fosters a dynamic culture of creativity with the release of 6 to 10 experimental beers each year. This continual evolution exemplifies their commitment to exploring new flavours and techniques.

In 2020, Blacks significantly bolstered their distilling capabilities with the acquisition of two Italian copper whiskey stills, Bonny and Morrigan. These substantial additions now enable the distillery to produce two styles of whiskey: Single Malt Whiskey – made with 100% malted Irish barley and Pot Still – a delightful blend of malted and unmalted barley, wheat, oats, and rye.

Parallel to the growth of the distillery, the Blacks Brewery also experienced transformative development. What started as a manually operated 2,000L brewhouse in 2013 became a cutting-edge, fully automated brewing facility by 2020. This advancement not only increased brewing efficiency and capacity but also allowed for greater innovation in brewing styles and maximised the extraction of flavours from the hops.

Importantly, Blacks has always maintained an unwavering commitment to sustainability. They are a proud participant of Ireland’s Origin Green sustainability programme. Their environmentally conscious initiatives include reducing energy and water consumption, minimising recyclable landfill waste, and actively seeking replacements for single-use plastic kegs. Their commitment to the community is also commendable, with their active support and involvement in local groups and charities.

In summary, Blacks Brewery & Distillery, with its picturesque location in Kinsale, its unwavering commitment to craft, innovation, and sustainability, and its comprehensive range of award-winning beers and spirits, stands as a paragon of Irish craftsmanship and a testament to the passion and dedication of its founders, Sam and Maudeline Black.


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