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Introducing the West Cork Single Malt Cask Finishes Miniature Set, a delightful collection from West Cork Distillers. This Single Malt Irish whiskey set includes five 5cl bottles, each showcasing a unique cask finish. Crafted from 100% Irish malted barley and distilled in small batches, these whiskeys are matured in first-fill Bourbon casks and finished in casks selected from the finest fortified wines and spirits.

The set contains:

  • Single Malt Rum Cask Finish
  • Single Malt Sherry Cask Finish
  • Single Malt Port Cask Finish
  • Single Malt Virgin Oak Cask Finish
  • Single Malt Calvados Cask Finish

This miniature set is the perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast, offering a taste of the meticulous craftsmanship and rich flavours that West Cork Distillers are renowned for. Each bottle presents a unique aroma and palate, making this set an ideal introduction to the world of Irish whiskey.

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  • Whiskey Type: Single Malt Whiskey
  • Whiskey Age: Not specified
  • Cask Finish: Various (Rum, Sherry, Port, Virgin Oak, Calvados)
  • ABV: 43%
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West Cork Single Malt Cask Finishes Miniature Set Irish Whiskey is a premium offering from West Cork Distillers, known for their dedication to quality and innovation. Located in Skibbereen, County Cork, West Cork Distillers was founded in 2003 by childhood friends John O’Connell, Ger McCarthy, and Denis McCarthy. Despite their modest beginnings, they have grown into one of the top Irish whiskey brands, with their products recognised globally for excellence.

Product Details:

This Single Malt whiskey set is a collection of five unique cask finishes, crafted from 100% Irish malted barley and distilled using pure Mullaghmesha mountain water. Each whiskey in the set undergoes initial maturation in first-fill Bourbon casks, imparting rich vanilla and toffee notes, before being finished in specially selected casks. The result is a beautifully balanced collection, each offering distinct aromas and flavours:

  • Port Cask Finish: Matured in casks from Quinta de Boeira, Portugal, it offers rich, fruity notes.
  • Rum Cask Finish: Finished in casks from Consorcio Licorero Nacional, Panama, it presents sweet, tropical flavours.
  • Sherry Cask Finish: Aged in Bodegas Baron sherry casks from Spain, delivering rich, dried fruit and spice.
  • Calvados Cask Finish: Finished in casks from Distillerie Garnier, France, imparting fresh apple and pear notes.
  • Virgin Oak Cask Finish: Matured in virgin oak casks from Kelvin Cooperage, USA, offering robust oak and vanilla flavours.

Producer History:

West Cork Distillers started in a small room at the back of Denis' house in Union Hall. Despite the economic challenges, their passion for crafting high-quality Irish whiskeys led them to success. In 2014, they moved to a new facility in Skibbereen, significantly expanding their operations. Today, the distillery operates on a 12.5-acre site on Marsh Road, with a distillation capacity of 4 million litres of pure alcohol. Their products are now sold in nearly 70 countries, showcasing their global reach and reputation for excellence.

Tasting Notes


  • Port Cask Finish: Deep amber with ruby highlights.
  • Rum Cask Finish: Golden amber with a rich, inviting sheen.
  • Sherry Cask Finish: Dark amber with a hint of mahogany.
  • Calvados Cask Finish: Light gold with a slight greenish hue.
  • Virgin Oak Cask Finish: Pale gold with a clear, bright appearance.


  • Port Cask Finish: Rich, fruity notes with a hint of oak.
  • Rum Cask Finish: Sweet tropical fruit and vanilla.
  • Sherry Cask Finish: Dried prunes, fig, and sherry with a touch of spice.
  • Calvados Cask Finish: Fresh apple, white pear, and a hint of almond.
  • Virgin Oak Cask Finish: Hay, oak chips, sawdust, and vanilla.


  • Port Cask Finish: Deep, fruity flavours with a smooth finish.
  • Rum Cask Finish: Sweet, with notes of honey, caramel, and chocolate.
  • Sherry Cask Finish: Sweet at the start, transitioning to a dry, spicy finish.
  • Calvados Cask Finish: Fresh fruit flavours with vanilla and almond undertones.
  • Virgin Oak Cask Finish: Light, with slight fruit notes and a peppery finish.


  • Port Cask Finish: Smooth and full-bodied with a lingering warmth.
  • Rum Cask Finish: Velvety and rich with a long, satisfying finish.
  • Sherry Cask Finish: Smooth and slightly oily, with a warming spice.
  • Calvados Cask Finish: Light and crisp with a clean finish.
  • Virgin Oak Cask Finish: Smooth and creamy, with a dry, peppery finish.

Food Pairings

This miniature set is versatile, making it suitable for various food pairings. The rich, complex flavours of the whiskeys complement roasted meats, hearty stews, and grilled seafood. The sweeter finishes, such as the Rum and Port Cask, pair beautifully with desserts like caramel flan, dark chocolate, or fruit tarts. For a lighter option, the Calvados and Virgin Oak Cask finishes go well with cheese platters featuring aged cheddar, brie, or gouda.

Serving and Cocktail Suggestions

These Single Malt whiskeys can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks to appreciate their rich, smooth flavours. They also make excellent bases for classic whiskey cocktails. Try them in an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Whiskey Sour to highlight the unique characteristics of each finish. For a refreshing twist, mix the Rum Cask Finish with ginger ale and a splash of lime, or enjoy the Sherry Cask Finish in a highball with soda water and a lemon twist.

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