MAY LOAG May Loag Diamond Sherry Cask Finish 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey 50Cl 46%


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Indulge in the exquisite taste of May Loag Diamond Sherry Cask Finish 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey, a distinguished single malt whiskey that exemplifies the rich heritage of Irish whiskey-making—Kilbeggan's reputation as one of the top Irish whiskey brands. Produced in Ireland, this exceptional spirit is aged for a decade in sherry casks, delivering a uniquely smooth and complex flavour profile.

Upon nosing, you are greeted with enticing aromas of dried fruits, vanilla, and toasted oak. The palate reveals a harmonious blend of rich sherry sweetness, dark chocolate hints, and subtle spices, leading to a long, satisfying finish. Perfect for enjoying neat or as the foundation of sophisticated whiskey cocktails, May Loag Diamond is a must-have for any connoisseur.

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  • Whiskey Type: Single Malt Irish Whiskey
  • Whiskey Age: 10 Year Old
  • Cask Finish: Sherry Cask
  • ABV: 46%
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May Loag Diamond Sherry Cask Finish 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey stands as a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Irish whiskey. This single malt whiskey, aged for ten years in premium sherry casks, is a product of the renowned Old Carrick Mill Distillery. It represents the pinnacle of Irish whiskey-making, combining traditional methods with modern innovation.

May Loag Diamond is crafted from 100% malted barley and pure spring water, ensuring the highest quality. The distillation process involves traditional copper pot stills, which impart a rich and smooth character to the whiskey. The aging process in sherry casks enhances the whiskey's profile, adding layers of complexity and depth.

Legal definitions for single malt Irish whiskey require it to be produced at a single distillery using malted barley and distilled in pot stills. The ten-year ageing process in sherry casks ensures that May Loag Diamond adheres to these standards, delivering a premium whiskey experience.

The Old Carrick Mill Distillery, established in 1780, is one of Ireland’s oldest and most respected distilleries. Located in County Monaghan, the distillery boasts a rich history of producing high-quality Irish whiskeys. Over the years, it has garnered numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

The distillery’s commitment to traditional methods and modern innovations is evident in the production of May Loag Diamond. This balance between old and new creates a truly unique whiskey that honours the legacy of Irish whiskey-making.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: The whiskey displays a deep amber hue, reflecting its decade-long maturation in sherry casks.
  • Aroma: On the nose, you’ll find a rich bouquet of dried fruits, particularly raisins and sultanas, interwoven with notes of vanilla, honey, and a hint of toasted oak.
  • Flavour: The palate is a harmonious blend of sherry sweetness, dark chocolate, and subtle spice. The flavours are well-balanced, with each sip revealing new layers of complexity.
  • Mouthfeel: The whiskey is smooth and full-bodied, with a velvety texture that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Food Pairings

May Loag Diamond Sherry Cask Finish 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. For a savoury option, try it alongside a rich beef stew or a lamb roast. The whiskey’s complex flavours complement the hearty and robust notes of these dishes, creating a harmonious pairing.

For dessert, consider serving this whiskey with a dark chocolate torte or a rich fruitcake. The sweetness of the sherry cask finish enhances the flavours of these desserts, making for a delightful end to any meal.

Serving and Cocktail Suggestions

While May Loag Diamond is exceptional on its own, it also serves as a versatile base for whiskey cocktails. For a classic option, mix it into an Old Fashioned, where its rich flavours can shine through. Alternatively, create a modern twist with a Sherry Cask Sour, blending the whiskey with lemon juice, simple syrup, and a dash of bitters.

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