HOFBRAUHAUS TRAUNSTEIN Hofbrauhaus Traunstein Pils Lager 50Cl 5.1%


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Unveil the effervescent pleasure of Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner, a spirited brew hailing from the venerable heart of Bavaria. Reflecting a crystal-clear, sparkling golden hue, this German Pilsner signifies mastery in brewing finesse. Its light, slim body effervesces with youthful vitality, engendered by the exclusive use of Hallertau aroma hops which impart a vibrant, cheeky bitterness.

The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, managed by the dedicated Sailer family since 1896, is more than a brewery; it’s a place of tradition, community, and a passion for creating first-rate beers. Nestled amidst the resplendent Chiemgau landscapes, between the mesmerising Lake Chiemsee and the majestic Alps, this beloved establishment is famed for its exacting brewing standards and its careful selection of high-quality ingredients. The resultant brews are testament to the perfect symbiosis of time-honoured traditions and modern brewing techniques, appealing to beer lovers across the globe.

Our Pilsner is a superb representation of the brewery's dedication to quality and craftsmanship, embodying the heart and soul of the Traunstein community. Whether you're a seasoned beer aficionado, a casual beer enthusiast, or someone newly venturing into the world of beer, the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner is sure to leave a lasting impression.

So, why not explore the cheeky bitterness of this authentic German Pilsner? Available to purchase both online and in-store, it's time you taste the zest of Bavarian brewing. Elevate your beer experience, and let the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner take you on an exceptional beer journey. After all, life is too short for average beer!

ABV: 5.1%

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The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner invites you on an unforgettable journey through Bavarian tradition and craftsmanship. This Pilsner, a delightful variant of pale ale, brings together the sparkling freshness of youthful beers and a subtly cheeky bitterness, all wrapped in a light, slim body. The essence of the finest Hallertau aroma hops graces each sip, offering a unique experience for both seasoned beer lovers and novices alike.

Behind this distinctive German Pilsner is a rich history interwoven with the Sailer family's legacy, a lineage dating back to the 17th century. Over the years, the Sailers have not only been innkeepers and brewers, but stewards of Bavarian culture. They took over the management of Hofbräuhaus Traunstein in 1896, blending their family history with one of Bavaria's most traditional and well-known breweries. The brewing artistry and the deep sense of Bavarian tradition, cultivated since 1612, are evident in every bottle of Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner.

Nestled between Lake Chiemsee and the Alps, in the heart of Chiemgau, on Traunstein’s hill, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein stands as a symbol of Bavarian tradition. It is a place that gives birth to first-class beers through meticulous refinement processes, made possible by a dedicated team that forges ahead with skill, passion, and humour. Every member of the brewery family shares a deep, personal connection with the Hofbräuhaus, contributing to a work culture that's as rich and robust as the beers themselves.

The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner is a testament to the careful handling of natural, high-quality ingredients that date back centuries. Although brewing technologies have evolved over time, the instinctive connection between the brewer, his craft, and his beer remains as profound today as it was 400 years ago. This palpable connection shines through every aspect of the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner, from its refined appearance to its delightful aroma and taste.

Embodying Bavarian tradition and Sailer family's legacy, this Pilsner captures your senses with its unique blend of youthful bitterness and cheeky character. Its appearance enchants with a sparkling clarity, a tribute to the purity of its ingredients and the meticulous brewing process. The aroma entices with the scent of the best Hallertau hops, leading to an unforgettable tasting journey. The flavour, a blend of fresh, sparkling notes and a cheeky bitterness, engages the palate, promising a drinking experience like no other. Its light, slim body ensures a pleasant mouthfeel, rounding off the sensory exploration on a high note.

Whether you're a seasoned beer aficionado, a casual drinker seeking to expand your palate, or a newcomer stepping into the vast world of beers, the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner offers an opportunity to experience Bavarian brewing heritage in each sip. Relish the depth of its character, its unique flavour profile, and the centuries-old tradition it embodies.

Step into the world of Bavarian beer and embrace the invigorating taste of tradition. Purchase the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Pilsner online or instore today and allow us to take you on an exciting exploration of Bavarian culture, one sip at a time. With every bottle, you become part of our story, contributing to a brewing legacy that has been going strong for over 400 years. Enjoy our pride, joy, and dedication to Bavarian brewing heritage in every sip. Here's to celebrating life, one beer at a time.

The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, a stalwart of Bavarian tradition, has been serving world-class beers since 1612. A revered institution in Chiemgau, the brewery's history is deeply intertwined with the Sailer family's legacy, dating back to the 17th century. Under the Sailer family's stewardship since 1896, the Hofbräuhaus has consistently delivered high-quality beers through meticulous refinement processes.

The brewery, nestled between Lake Chiemsee and the Alps, embraces a strong connection with its Bavarian roots. This connection manifests in their traditional brewing techniques, their care for high-quality, natural ingredients, and their deep love for their craft. A family in every sense, the Hofbräuhaus team works with craftsmanship, passion, and humour, forging ahead together to keep Bavarian brewing heritage alive and thriving.

The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein isn’t merely a place of work, it’s a place of shared values, tradition, and above all, a shared love for beer. Their journey continues as they strive to deliver exceptional beers, inspire people, and conquer hearts with every sip. The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein embodies Bavarian tradition – strong, proud, real – as it has been for generations since 1612.


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