DRUMSHANBO Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 Irish Whiskey 70Cl 46%


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Experience the allure of Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 Irish Whiskey, a limited annual vintage steeped in "Bravery" and "Excellence". This first-ever single malt from Connacht in over 107 years is hand-distilled by Brian Taft and bottled at PJ Rigney's Shed Distillery. Matured in single use Kentucky Bourbon casks, it weaves an intriguing balance of vanilla and wood spice.

Immerse yourself in its layered profile, a harmonious blend of mellow sweetness and robust spice, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of Brian Taft and PJ Rigney. This exquisite offering forms the first edition of a Rare & Exclusive Collection from The Shed Distillery.

Born from PJ Rigney's adventurous spirit, the Shed Distillery is set in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. It rekindled distilling in Connacht in 2014, striving to create extraordinary spirits, as symbolised by the elusive Drumshanbo Jackalope. The Galanta 2021 reflects PJ's passion for distilling remarkable whiskey, blending curiosity, skill, tradition, and innovation.

Embrace this unique tasting experience by purchasing your Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 online. Limited stocks available, so don't miss this opportunity to savour a blend of bravery, excellence, and the adventurous spirit of Irish distilling.

ABV: 46%

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Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 Irish Whiskey, a limited annual vintage offering that celebrates "Bravery" and "Excellence". Hand-distilled by Brian Taft and bottled at The Shed Distillery of PJ Rigney, this single malt whiskey marks a landmark in Irish distilling history as the first of its kind from the western province of Connacht in over 107 years.

The Galanta 2021 captivates from the first glance with its beautiful amber hue, a prelude to the delightful sensory journey ahead. Master Blender Brian Taft's meticulous selection has allowed this unique whiskey to mature in Single Use Kentucky Bourbon casks, fostering an enticing interplay of flavours. The creamy vanilla essence is beautifully balanced with subtle wood spice, offering a complexity that is both alluring and memorable.

Dive deeper into the tasting experience, and you'll discover a layered profile that enthralls the palate, exuding a harmonious balance of mellow sweetness and robust spice. This exquisite whiskey is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of Brian Taft and PJ Rigney, and it stands as the first edition of a Rare & Exclusive Collection from The Shed Distillery.

PJ Rigney's dream of creating an authentic distillery, steeped in traditional methods yet eager to explore the unknown, found its home in the wild heartland of Drumshanbo Co. Leitrim. Here, amidst the untamed beauty of the landscape, a dance of distillation unfolds. Gleaming copper pot and column stills work in harmony, focusing on the creation of premium Irish spirits, an embodiment of PJ's aspiration to make the ordinary extraordinary.

This distilling journey began during the solar transit of the Winter Solstice sun in 2014, marking the revival of distilling Irish Whiskey in Connacht after over a century. The Shed Distillery of PJ Rigney was born from this passionate endeavour, reflecting PJ's curiosity, tenacity, and relentless quest for premium spirits. The result is an array of spirits as unique, extraordinary, and remarkable as the elusive Drumshanbo Jackalope, the symbol of the unexpected that embodies PJ's curious mind and Drumshanbo's spirit of exploration.

The Galanta 2021 is an expression of PJ's belief in distilling remarkable whiskey, uniting an inquisitive mind with the distiller's skill to yield an exceptionally smooth, creamy, and spicy spirit. Fans of Irish Whiskey, from newcomers to aficionados, will appreciate the harmony of tradition and innovation reflected in each sip.

Embrace the unique and the exceptional by purchasing your bottle of Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 online today. With limited stocks available, this is an opportunity not to be missed. As a part of your collection or as a tasting experience, this whiskey is a tribute to bravery, excellence, and the spirit of exploration that defines Irish distilling. Welcome to the world of Drumshanbo Single Malt Galanta 2021 – a world of extraordinary tastes and unforgettable journeys.


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