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About Chimay

Explore Chimay Brewery: A Beacon of Belgian Trappist Excellence

Dive into the world of Chimay Brewery, renowned for its exceptional range of Trappist beers, crafted within the historic walls of Scourmont Abbey in Belgium. Since its establishment in 1862, Chimay has been celebrated for its deep-rooted brewing traditions and commitment to quality, which have made it a symbol of Belgian beer culture around the world.

Tradition and Quality in Every Bottle

Chimay stands among the few breweries worldwide that are authorised to bear the Trappist label, a mark of authentic monastic brewing. This prestigious certification ensures that all beers are produced within the monastery under the supervision of the monks, with all proceeds going to charitable causes. Chimay's dedication to craft is evident in their meticulous brewing process, which combines the finest local ingredients with centuries-old techniques.

A Rich Array of Complex Flavours

Chimay offers a variety of beers, each with its own unique character. From the Chimay Rouge, their classic red ale known for its fruity and spicy flavours, to the Chimay Bleue, a dark ale celebrated for its rich, complex notes and robust body, there is a Chimay beer to suit all palates. Not to be overlooked, the Chimay Blanche is the perfect blend of fresh hops and yeast, offering a lighter, refined taste.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

Beyond brewing, Chimay is committed to sustainability and positive community impact. The brewery's practices are designed to minimise environmental impact, promoting a sustainable approach to production that respects and preserves the local landscape.

Why Choose Chimay at

Choosing Chimay means indulging in a beer that is steeped in history and authenticity. Available through, Chimay provides not just a drink, but an experience of Belgian brewing heritage. Whether you're enjoying a quiet night in or hosting an event, Chimay’s beers offer a sophisticated addition to any occasion.

Discover the exceptional range of Chimay beers today on and taste the legacy of one of Belgium’s most iconic breweries.


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