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It's not about the size of the bird in the fight, but the size of the fight in the bird. And this little owl has had a serious fight! You could even say that we went full Tom Brady and stepped up to the competition by creating a Non-Alcoholic IPA that actually tastes like a grown-up IPA and not a puddle of wee lager.

Superb-owl is a game-changer, friends. A low-alcohol beer that delivers a superhero punch without the dizzy aftermath. Or, in American footballer proper terminology, no concussion protocol required! And at just 85 calories per can, Superb-Owl is just as good for linebackers as it is for laidbackers who love to watch linebackers crash into buff projectiles (strange folks, these fans).

A refreshing, low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA that will keep you punting all night long. So yes, everyone is a winner in our IPA universe. Keep cool, drink fresh and HUT, HUT HIKE!

ABV: 0.2%

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Welcome to the Funhouse with Uiltje Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA

Product Description:
Uiltje Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA is more than just a beer—it's a testament to the power of fun and connection. Fueled by a monomaniacal mission to brew freakin' good beer that sparks friendships and connects strangers, Uiltje Brewery operates on the fringes of hop culture, crafting crafty beers that bring people together. From their medieval Dutch brew-town Haarlem, they push the boundaries of hop extremes, decoding beer with a hacker's lust for provocation. Superb-Owl, their daring superhero beer, is here to play and change the game.

Experience the Superhero Punch:
Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA is a game-changer, my friends. This low-alcohol beer packs a superhero punch without the dizzy aftermath. It's like scoring a touchdown without needing a concussion protocol—pure exhilaration and enjoyment. Sip on this brew and revel in the superhero vibes, knowing that you're indulging in a brew that brings joy and satisfaction without the buzz.

Light on Calories, Heavy on Fun:
Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA not only delivers on taste but also keeps things light on the calorie front. At just 85 calories per can, it's a beer that satisfies both linebackers and laidbackers alike. So whether you're a fan cheering on the players or a relaxed observer enjoying the game, Superb-Owl is the perfect companion for all your game-day moments.

A Funhouse of Flavours:
Get ready to explore the funhouse of flavours with Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA. Bursting with hoppy goodness, this brew showcases the remarkable craftsmanship of Uiltje Brewery. It dances on the taste buds with its citrusy notes, hop-forward character, and a satisfyingly smooth finish. Let the flavours take you on a wild ride through the funhouse of taste.

Cheers to Friendship and Fun:
Uiltje Brewery's Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA is a celebration of friendship, fun, and the power of great beer. It's a brew that invites connections and brings people together, creating unforgettable moments and lasting memories. Raise a glass to the joyous camaraderie that comes with sharing a pint of Superb-Owl and toast to the funhouse of life.

Join the Superb-Owl Movement:
Become a part of the Superb-Owl movement and experience the magic of Uiltje Brewery. From their headquarters in Haarlem, they craft beers that captivate the senses and ignite the spirit of adventure. Indulge in the freakin' good taste of Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA and let the tiny owl that just wants to play take you on an unforgettable journey.

Unleash the Fun:
Step inside the funhouse and unleash the fun with Uiltje Superb-Owl Non-Alcoholic IPA. This crafty brew is more than just beer—it's an experience that brings people together, creates connections, and fuels the spirit of adventure. So grab a can, gather your friends, and let the fun begin. Cheers to Superb-Owl and the joy it brings to every occasion!


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